PRAXIS:  "The action and reflection of people upon their world in order to transform it."

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Nursing Praxis Reviewers

Nursing Praxis is grateful to the many reviewers who volunteer to review manuscripts prior to publication. On average reviewers are sent 2 reviews each year, depending on their area of expertise. We are always looking to add to our database of reviewers both NZ and International. 

Nursing Praxis subscribes to a blind peer review process, reviewers are not informed of who the author is and the authors and editorial board are not informed of who has completed the review. This ensures anonymity for reviewers and authors and a completely fair process prior to publication.

Reviews are requested via email and reviewers are asked to complete the review questionnaire within approximately 3 weeks. If you as a reviewer are requested to complete a review and you are not able to complete it in the time frame available, just let us know and we will send it to another reviewer.

To register as a reviewer by completing the questionaire -
or print the reviewer questionaire - pdf praxis reviewers form.pdf (0.22MB) 

To update your reviewer details please complete the form pdf praxis reviewers form.pdf (0.22MB) 

If you have any questions about being a reviewer for Nursing Praxis , please email us at

We value the contribution of all of our reviewers and Nursing Praxis Reviewers who have completed reviews are recognised in the November issue each year.

Our current reviewers are -

Kathryn Adams
Michelle Adams
Sue Adams
Margaret Adamson-Lobb
Kerri Arcus
Cheryl Atherfold
Heather Baker
Wendy Blair
Marian Bland
Collette Blockley
Julie Boddy
Colette Breton
Judy Brown
Liz Buckley
Karyn Bycroft
Marushka Caldeiro
Helen Childs
Geraldine Clear
Jill Clendon
Fay Cobden-Grainge
Catherine Cook
Karole Hogarth
Kathy Halloway
Michelle Honey
Judith Honeyfield
Susan Jacobs
Isabel Jamieson
Marion Jones
Bridie Kent
Jacquie Kidd
Rhonda Knox
Sarah Lake
Hazel Lamberth
Kay Laracy
Anecita Gigi Lim
Jan Lockett-Kay
Marianne MacKenzie
Mary MacManus
Dianne Marshall
Patricia McClunie-Trust
Gill Meek
Sylvia Meijer
Christine Mercer
Annette Milligan
Khurshid Mitchell
Judy Moore
Annette Mortensen
Stephen Neville
Nick Nicol
Anthony O'Brien
Elaine Papps
Rachel Parmee
Fran Richardson
Sandra Richardson
Jean Ross
Dianne Roy
Wendy Scott
 Victoria  Simon
 Bridget  Smith
 Tina  Smith
 Deborah  Spence
 Maggie  Steele
 Lisa  Stewart
 Yvonne  Stillwell
 Carmen  Timu-Parata
Paul Watson
Karen Whiterod
Anne Wilding-james
Jill Wilkinson
Denise Wilson
Pamela Wood
Judy Yarwood